GHSA’s Latest Report and Recommendations

In the ever-evolving landscape of traffic safety, communities nationwide are increasingly turning to innovative solutions to enhance road safety. The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) is at the forefront of this movement, set to release a groundbreaking report that delves into the advantages of traffic safety cameras, a tool gaining traction in numerous municipalities.

GHSA’s upcoming report not only sheds light on the benefits of traffic safety cameras but also takes a closer look at the challenges involved in their implementation. Addressing a crucial aspect of modern traffic enforcement, the report provides valuable recommendations for states, localities, and their partners who are considering the adoption or expansion of automated enforcement programs.

One key focus of the report is the integration of traffic safety cameras in the context of equity. As communities continue to emphasize fairness in law enforcement, these cameras emerge as a supplementary tool that not only bolsters traditional traffic enforcement but also works to mitigate potential bias.

GHSA is inviting all stakeholders and enthusiasts to join an insightful webinar on December 19, where experts will share their perspectives on how to build public support for the implementation of traffic safety cameras. The discussion promises to be a valuable exchange of insights, offering a deeper understanding of the role these cameras play in fostering safer roadways for everyone.

Please download the PDF’s below.

GHSA Traffic Safety Cameras News Release