The National Coalition for Safer Roads (NCSR) today released the results of a recent public opinion poll showing that a strong majority of Connecticut registered voters, 68 percent, support the use of red light safety cameras at busy intersections. When further told that the Connecticut General Assembly could soon vote on a measure to allow cities to install red light safety cameras, 67 percent stood by their support of the cameras.
“These results clearly show that Connecticut residents support the use of red light cameras to make their busy local intersections safer,” said David Kelly, NCSR’s President and Executive Director, and former acting administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. “We are pleased to see that Connecticut voters understand the need for red light safety cameras and want to see legislation passed allowing for this proven life-saving technology.”
Other highlights of the Connecticut poll:

  • 77 percent of minority voters polled support red light safety camera legislation.
  • 70 percent of voters sampled (half of the total voters polled) felt that other drivers are more careful when they know red light safety cameras are present.

Enabling legislation to allow Connecticut municipalities to install red light safety cameras will be introduced in the Connecticut General Assembly. Supporters include Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney and Transportation Committee Chairman Rep. Tony Guerrera, with vocal support from Governor Dannel Malloy.

“It’s time has come,” said Jim Finley, Executive Director and CEO of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, the statewide association of towns and cities. “Being labeled ‘The Land of Steady Habits’ is not a compliment when it comes to public safety, and the people of our state know it. Cities and towns should be afforded the option to use these cameras, at their discretion, in order to make the streets of Hometown Connecticut safer.”

“While no advocated position is ever truly a slam dunk given the vagaries of politics, support for red light cameras is about as close as you can get,” said Scott Elder of the Global Strategy Group which conducted the poll. “Not only does support outweigh opposition by well over two-to-one, the arguments against this public safety measure are weak, failing to move voters against it in a significant way.”

The survey was conducted by Global Strategy Group from January 26 through January 29, 2012 among 602 likely voters and has a margin error of +/-4.0%. The total sample polled was 30% Democrat, 21% Republican, and 49% Independent. The total sample was comprised of 274 males and 328 females.

The National Coalition for Safer Roads (NCSR) is a nonprofit advocacy organization that brings together industry leaders, community leaders and concerned citizens in support of red light safety camera technology. Coalition members include the National Safety Council, Child Safety Network, National Organizations for Youth Safety, America Walks, and Red Means Stop. NCSR receives funding from American Traffic Solutions. NCSR helps save lives and protect communities by demonstrating how red light safety cameras can improve driver behavior. For more information, visit , follow@SaferRoadsUSA on Twitter and on Facebook at