*The article was originally published at wrbl.com

Phenix City expanded its Red Light Safety Program by adding additional cameras to monitor traffic and keep the roads safer at busy intersections.

The city contracted Verra Mobility, a third-party company, to maintain the camera systems and infrastructure.

Since implementing the program and installing cameras about 10 years ago, Phenix City Police has received pushback on whether or not citations were issued by the department itself.

“Some people have a reluctance to pay the tickets because they don’t think it’s issued by a police officer,” said Asst. Chief of Phenix City Police, George Staudinger. “However, to dispel that myth, every citation is issued by a lieutenant. So it’s a ranking Phenix City police officer that has reviewed the video and made a determination if there’s a violation or not.”

The cameras are intended to help police enforce red light violators and offer surveillance of the intersections. Data from the Phenix City Police Department shows a 36% decrease in total crashes at the photo-enforced intersection of 13th St and Broad St alone.

The locations are chosen based on traffic studies and crash data that show a high number of violations and traffic crashes at the intersection.

“Crawford Road is one of those that the daily Monday through Friday traffic is in the 20,000 to 24,000 vehicles passing by, especially during the morning and evening rush hour times,” said Asst. Chief Staudinger.

Phenix City resident Keithon Davis says despite receiving a citation himself, he feels the program is important for community safely.

“It was a great idea,” said Davis. “I mean, the speed thing, I mean, the whole little thing. The cameras on the red lights because I even had got stopped one time, had to pay a ticket for speeding. So it’s a good thing.”

The intersections that have red light cameras are:

  • Crawford Road & Opelika Road
  • Crawford Road & 17th Avenue
  • Summerville Road & Stadium Drive
  • 13th Street & Broad Street  

The fine for running a red light in Phenix City is $100. Phenix City police ask that if you do receive a red light camera citation, follow the instructions listed within the citation.