Ten Tips for Safe Holiday Travel

Ten Tips for Safe Holiday Travel 

The holidays are typically filled with lots of celebration, love ones and for many people – driving. AAA predicts over 46.9 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday – 300,000 more than last year. With this influx of cars on the road, risks including speeding, drowsy driving and intoxication increase significantly.

Safety saves lives! To help prevent distracted, risky driving this holiday season, the National Coalition for Safer Roads encourages all motorists to just drive and follow these travel safety tips.

  1. Don’t drink and drive
  2. Have your car inspected – tire pressure, oil, etc.
  3. Fasten your seatbelt
  4. Inspect your seatbelt and those around you for a proper fit
  5. Plan trips when your focus and energy are high
  6. Limit distractions – avoid loud music, too many passengers, eating.
  7. Pay attention to road conditions and safety warnings
  8. Keep your distance from other cars
  9. Watch your speed
  10. Don’t over pack your car


Though many of these tips seem obvious, they each play a critical role in protecting lives and ensuring road safety over the holiday travel periods.  According to the Safer Roads Report 2014: Trends in Red-Light Running, Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of the most dangerous times of year on the road. In 2013, there were 31,790 reported red-light violations during Thanksgiving holiday period, and another 31,367 over Christmas holiday period. As we know, based on the red-light running fatality map released earlier this year, red-light running puts the lives of drivers and those around them at great risk.

The National Coalition for Safer Roads asks you to remember these tips as you head out on the road this year and remind others to follow these simple rules.

For more information about NCSR’s efforts to promote traffic safety, visit ncsrsafety.org.