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Every day — in Texas and across the nation — innocent lives are lost because of someone else’s reckless decision to run a red light. In 2009, there were more than 570 fatalities caused by intersection-related crashes. Red-light running is the leading cause of urban crashes – with pedestrians and occupants in other vehicles accounting for nearly half of the deaths in red-light running crashes. We are working to educate the public about the effectiveness of traffic safety cameras in Texas in reducing collisions and saving lives. 

Community Spotlight: Conroe, TX

The red-light safety camera program in Conroe, Texas has improved safety at dangerous intersections and freed up the Conroe Police Department’s 107 officers to handle other importation public safety matters.

Impact on Collisions
At the seven intersections where cameras are installed, there were 83 total collisions in the 17-month period before the 10 cameras were added. The total number of crashes annually at those intersections has not surpassed 34 since the program’s inception, despite the fact that traffic passing by the cameras has increased 8.3 percent. Citywide, collisions have decreased by more than 14 percent since red-light safety cameras were installed.

Improving Driver Behavior
In addition to decreasing collisions, the cameras have improved driver behavior in Conroe. Of the citations issued, more than 90 percent have been issued to people who are first-time offenders and only 8.1 percent have received more than one violation. In short, the vast majority of drivers who receive a citation learn from their mistake and stop running red-lights.

Support the Program
On May 10, Conroe voters will have the opportunity to vote on a ballot initiative that will decide the fate of red-light safety cameras. To support the life-saving benefits of red-light safety cameras, head to the polls and vote against the proposition.

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The body of evidence grows every day: red light safety cameras save lives. A May 2010 report from the Institute of Transportation Engineers concluded that red light cameras help reduce crashes and crash severity. A November 2010 report from the National Research Council showed that systematic speed control programs could save as many as 2,000 U.S. lives each year.

Most recently, a definitive study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety concluded that red light cameras saved 159 lives in 2004-08 in 14 of the biggest U.S. cities. The vocal minority of camera opponents becomes less credible with each new study. Now is the time to come together — policymakers, law enforcement officials, community leaders — and do everything necessary to ensure our communities utilize road safety cameras. A fine is a small price to pay if it can change reckless driver behavior and make roads safer.