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Collisions Cost Insurers and Communities Big: Traffic Safety Cameras Prevent Crashes, Reduce Financial Toll


National Coalition for Safer Roads | NCSR

Traffic crashes kill tens of thousands of people and injure millions more every year in the United States. These tragic events lead to substantial financial costs on loved ones burdened...

Study: Strong Majority of Connecticut voters support red light safety cameras


National Coalition for Safer Roads | NCSR

The National Coalition for Safer Roads (NCSR) today released the results of a recent public opinion poll showing that a strong majority of Connecticut registered voters, 68 percent, support the...

CT municipalities to install red-light cameras to improve street safety


CT Post-Chronicle | Unknown Author

The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, as part of a coalition of advocacy groups and key state legislators, recently called on the Governor and General Assembly to enact legislation to give...

Red-Light Cameras Worth Trying


The Hartford Courant | Unknown Author

“The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities is the latest group to urge the General Assembly to adopt legislation that would allow cities and towns to use automatic cameras to catch drivers...

Police chief: Red-light cams would save lives


CT Post | Ken Dixon

“Bridgeport Police Chief Joseph Gaudett said Thursday there would be fewer fatalities if state legislation were passed to allow cities to install cameras at major intersections. Gaudett, speaking in the...

Push for Red Light Cameras in Hartford


NEWS8 WTNH | Mark Davis

“The family of a man killed in a hit and run accident that made national news four years ago has joined the effort to bring red light cameras to Connecticut’s...

Some Connecticut legislators support traffic camera bill


Milford-Orange Bulletin | Jordan Fenster

“Cameras may be coming to a red light near you, should a group of legislators get their way, though the fine for getting caught on film running a red might...

Red-Light Cameras? Yes


The Hartford Courant | Unknown Author

“Earlier this month a pickup truck ran a red light at a downtown New Haven intersection and smashed so hard into a passing car that it was spun over the...

Hartford Pushes for Traffic Light Cameras


NBC Connecticut | LeAnne Gendreau

“The mayor of Hartford and the state Senator who represents the capital city are working together to appeal to the state Legislature to pass legislation to install cameras at...

New Haven Officials and Others Renew Call for Law that would Allow Red Light Cameras


The Register Citizen | William Kaempffer

“The city, members of the New Haven delegation and local safe street activists are making yet another run at state legislation that would allow it and other larger cities and...

Lawmakers to Again Consider Cameras at Red Lights


The Day | JC Reindl

“A bill to allow red-light enforcement cameras in large and medium-sized cities is ready to cycle through the state legislature again this year.”

City Pushes Red Light Cameras


Yale Daily News | Nick Defiesta

“If Mayor John DeStefano Jr. gets his way in the state legislature, cameras may soon be installed at traffic lights throughout the city.”

Segarra, Fonfara Support Red Light Cameras In Hartford


The Hartford Courant | Jon Lender

“Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra and state Sen. John Fonfara, D-Hartford, gave their public backing Thursday to the latest attempt to pass a bill legalizing red...

Hartford Officials Back Red Light Cameras


CT News Junkie | Hugh McQuaid

“Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra and Sen. John Fonfara threw their support behind legislation to legalize red light enforcement cameras Thursday, bringing the annual New Haven issue to the capital city.”