National Stop on Red Week 2014: The Best Ways to Get Involved

This Sunday, August 3 marks the beginning of National Stop on Red Week and NCSR needs your help to raise awareness of the serious dangers of running red lights. Throughout the week, NCSR will be partnering with like-minded organizations and communities across the country to remind drivers to always stop on red. As an NCSR supporter, there are many ways for you to get involved.

Head over to our Stop on Red Week page and you will see that each day of the week is dedicated to different safety aspects; useful statistics and information; and heartfelt messages from supporters — including the tools and resources you need to help spread the word in your community. Your messages on social media and conversations with friends, colleagues and decision makers can make all the difference in this important effort.

Innocent lives are lost every day because of the reckless decision to run a red light, but with your help we can encourage drivers everywhere to stop on red and save lives in the process. For more information, sample social media posts and our Stop on Red Week toolkit, visit