Announcing Stop Distraction on Red: Campaign Collaboration Between FocusDriven and NCSR

Imagine closing your eyes as you approach an intersection and continuing to drive, not knowing if the light was green or red. Although this scenario seems undeniably dangerous, drivers are basically taking the same foolish risk when they engage in distracted behavior behind the wheel. Distractions take the driver’s attention away from the road, often causing them to commit dangerous and illegal actions such as running a red-light, or worse, causing a collision.

In an effort to jumpstart a safe summer driving season, the National Coalition for Safer Roads (NCSR) and FocusDriven have launched a new joint campaign effort, Stop Distraction on Red, to highlight the dangers of distracted driving and red-light running. By themselves, these issues represent driving epidemics that negatively impact the safety of our roads and highways. Red-light running remains the number one cause of urban crashes in the United States and it is estimated that 21 percent of all crashes involve drivers distracted by cell phones. This collaboration aims to raise awareness about how distracted driving and red-light running are correlated — and ultimately improve driver behavior.

To kick off the campaign, NCSR and FocusDriven conducted a joint analysis examining the impact that distracted driving has on red-light running. Stop Distraction on Red: The Effects of Distracted Driving on Intersection Safety analyzes a sample of 118 intersections in 19 communities across the United States over a three-month period. Using the findings from this sample, researchers estimated that a daunting 7.3 million red-light violations in 2012 involved distracted behavior. The analysis also includes distracted driving-related intersection violation estimates for all 50 states and an examination of the impact of bans on cell phone use while driving.

Stop Distraction on Red: The Effects of Distracted Driving on Intersection Safety

Stop Distraction On Red: The Effects of Distracted Driving on Intersection Safety from NCSR


The following video, which features red-light safety camera images and footage of distracted drivers running red lights, will be a key educational tool in the campaign. The video combines clear captures of distracted drivers with informative red-light running and distracted driving statistics, visually linking the dangerous driving habits with their serious consequences.

A new campaign infographic also aims to educate the public on important distracted driving and red-light running realities by illustrating key findings from the joint analysis. The infographic highlights the dangers of these two road safety issues in a visual and digestible manner.

NCSR and FocusDriven are launching Stop Distraction on Red at the advent of summer to promote safe, distraction-free driving as school lets out and millions of cars hit the road for summer travel and activities. NCSR President Melissa Wandall and FocusDriven Board Member and Survivor Advocate Jacy Good, who lead the campaign, have both been personally impacted by the dangers of red-light running and distracted driving. Throughout the course of the campaign, videos of distracted red-light running and the analysis findings will be used to raise awareness as Melissa and Jacy engage in media appearances, speaking opportunities and collaborations with like-minded organizations.

The effort’s ultimate goal is to influence safer driving practices in and around intersections by stopping distraction on red and  preventing needless deaths and injuries to all who share the road.